Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Over the course of my summer I enjoyed two very interesting books, “Call it Courage” and “The Incredible Journey.” Both books were very interesting and fun to read, I really liked “Call it Courage” because the Protagonist is the same age as me and that helped me relate. In the book “Call it Courage” Mafatu, a 14 year old Polynesian boy is living in a small Indian village in the middle of the ocean, due to a child hood experience he is cursed with the fear of the sea, one problem all the resources come from the sea. When reading the story you over come the fear that has exiled mafatu from his tribe.

The other book I read over this summer was “The Incredible Journey”, this book was about the journey a cat and two dogs have across the wide expanse of Canada. This story was interesting but not as fun as “Call it Courage” I felt no relationships with the main characters because they were animals and the whole story done in third person.

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