Thursday, October 29, 2009


After seeing a lot of tests done on teens playing violent video games, I came to the conclusion that these video games are taking over boys' lives. In a test done by Denver public school parents, the average high school guy spends more time on the X-box, Wii, Play Station, etc. than he does sports, homework, or time with girls. As more of these video games are produced and played, I predict that by the year 2018 the need to play these video games will be like an addiction and become a serious problem. The bigger problem behind these video games is that most of them are extremely violent. Younger kids in particular are being exposed to violence which may influence them to be more violent and radical. I believe that video games will be around for the rest of time and they will become increasingly addicting to everyone. The facts are right in front of us, all we have to do is open our eyes. Video games are like candy. They should be enjoyed in moderation.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


When I read the article extinction of the polar bear by John Leuis I found out that in about six years the polar bears wont be able to survive in the melting ice caps. I believe that its our dutie as human beaqings to protect all the creatures on this planet no matter the cost. We polute the planet with carbon dioxide and other haderodues gases and we are destroying an entire eco system in the proses. The planet can only take so much soon all citys will end up like bejing where the haze is so thick that you can almost cut it with a knife. Every day at least 20 polar bears die in the ocean because there home has melted add that up to a year and thats a masicur. Every day polar bears are dieing and we have the power to stop it so why arent we?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009


In the article,"Rigor Redefined," Tony Wanger asks the question about whether schools are preparing us enough to become the next generation of successful workers. During his research he discovered that some of the core things needed for the jobs of today don't get the required focus in modern school environments. For example, are our teachers teaching us to think critically, to ask questions? Other skills needed in the workplace are leadership and the ability to work well with others. The author thinks that schools are not training our modern scholars to have these fundamentals necessary to succeed past school.


In the article, "Footprints in the Digital Age," Will Richardson the author explained how becoming technologically able or "googled" is like driving without any practice, in other words, it's a learn-from-your-mistakes way of learning. He also gave real world examples about how teens like us made a difference using the Internet. Laura, one of the students in the article, blogged about her beliefs and raised money for charities and other organizations. But others may abuse the Internet for example, con artists. The point that Richardson was trying to make is that our digital footprints may have different shapes. For Laura her digital footprint looks great but for others it may not be the same.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


In the article, "Our googely advice to students: Major in Learning," Google talked about some of the requirements for being part of the Google organization. What I got out of it was that they need creative, hardworking employees with good leadership skills. These are some of the key qualities of any job but what makes this one unique is their promotion of competition. In most job environments competition is banned or discouraged in favor of teamwork but Googles' perspective on it is "more competition, better workers." They feel competition is how they propel innovation. I don't know if I agree with this completely but it makes some sense. Overall I think their perspective on the qualities of a good worker are genuinely unique to their own purpose.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


In my experiences with technology and typing I think it’s much more difficult than traditional writing. From my point of view I write much more and use better wording when writing with a pen/pencil, this year my English class started using computers and I have been struggling to keep up my grades. Last year I had to do everything in hand and I made honor role with stellar grades in that class. What my belief is on typing papers is that students spend more time focusing on typing than word choice or spelling, maybe in future generations typing will become like writing with a pen/pencil, unfourtunintaly my generation is not that lucky. We are bound to flounder with typing until we finally grasp it through very hard work. Typing will most likely evolve through the generations, as for mine we will have to grasp it firmly to proceed to the professions of the future.