Wednesday, March 17, 2010


While reading the article posted by Dan Moris about how technology is essential for our learning progress, I read about how Littleton Public schools are asking student about how technoligy is accential to our learning needs. My opinion is that the technolagy we use is a great asset but yet it makes us lazy and more pron to fail with out technolagy. In my english class we use lap tops for home work, projects, and assignments, I admet that this method is more organized but it is far from assential to my learning needs. When I use my computer for work I have to know how to use my computer before I get anything done, somtimes I have to use programs I have never used befor and that makes it harder mor me to meet my learning potential. However on the other hand if all my work is don on a computer I dont have to worry about turning it in in class because the teacher can just pull up my home work on my blog. Tecnolagy and education will most likely always be entertweined but my opinion remains the same.

Monday, March 15, 2010


In the article "Fake Russian invasion broadcast sparks Georgian panic"
reported by CNN, it decribed the mass panic of an alarm drill in Georgia when a news staition reported a fake invasion of georgia by the Russians. This caused mass kaous and panic of every georgian watching the report showed fleeing georgians from an earlier invasion and stated that the Russians bombed an airport and a military base. After the report was all done the president of Georgia himself apoligized over the air for the chaos the false report caused. After Georgia was invaded by Russians last year tensions have been high strung. This report shows the lingering red scare fears in the once commiunist nation of Georgia.

Monday, March 8, 2010


In the article, "Are video games good or bad for teens?" found at, reported by "Helium," the article described the concern many adults have about over usage of video games by kids. Some adults are so concerned that they want to restrict access to video games - especially the violent ones - by kids. Of course, many kids are outraged that adults want to restrict one of their best stress-relieving outlets. After seeing firsthand among my own friends their obsession with video games, I can see how adults can come to the conclusion that video games are taking over kids' lives. My experience is that the average high school guy spends more time on the X-box, Wii, Play Station, etc. than he does with sports, homework, or social life. As more of these video games are produced and played, I predict that the need to play these video games will become more and more like an addiction and become a serious social problem. The bigger problem behind these video games is that many of them are extremely violent. Younger kids in particular are being exposed to violence which some theorize may influence them to become more violent. The facts are right in front of us, all we have to do is open our eyes. Video games are like candy. They should be enjoyed in moderation and not abused like a drug.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


In the article, "Body acoustics can turn your arm into a touchscreen," found at , reported by New Science (NS), the article described the next great stride in man's technological advances, a touch screen on the arm. The key behind this new mind boggling technology is acoustics. "Dan Morris and Desney Tan at Microsoft's research lab in Redmond, Washington exploit the way our skin, musculature and skeleton combine to make distinctive sounds when we tap on different parts of the arm, palm, fingers and thumb," said NS. So now, when someone taps on their arm, an e-mail or phone will appear. (Let's see the teachers take our phones away in class now....) However, what does this mean for society? Now that we are integrating technology onto our own bodies, are we becoming robots? What's next, the ability to program the human brain? We can upgrade the tools we use but we should be careful about trying to influence people's free will.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


In the article, "Soldier sues, says 'Hurt Locker' is his story," reported by CNN,
it describes how the Oscar nominated movie, "The Hurt Locker," was based on the life of Master Sgt. Jeffrey Sarver who is now suing several people associated with the film for using his life story without his consent. "Mark Boal -- a journalist embedded with Sarver's Army unit in Iraq -- based the film's main character on Sarver's life" says CNN. However, this hardened EOD specialist just wants to be recognized and rewarded for this movies' success. The world has rated this movie as one of the best war stories since "Saving Pvt. Ryan" however, the world fails to recognize the people who get their hands dirty doing this dangerous job every day. For the eyes of many this story shows exactly what it is like to serve in the United states military as a bomb difusal officer, it provides a great insight and education into the horrors our troops go through every day in war. Summit Entertainment indicated it wanted a "quick resolution" of Sarver's claims, but in my view I see this argument drawing out into another war this marine has to worry about. Sarver's lawyers can be counted on to persist with the support of all servicemen.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


In the article "Para who lost three limbs in Afghanistan bomb vows to return to sniper job" found at , the article described the heart of hero Lance Corporal Tom Neathway of Whales. Even after loosing both legs and an arm to a bomb or (IED) in Afghanistan he still Perseus his military ambitions as a sniper, "You only need one hand to fire the sniper rifle so I cannot see there is anything to stop me." he said after refusing job opportunity's at a boot camp in northern whales. This devoted corporals only one of two service men to loose three limbs while serving in Afghanistan. this soldiers life rests in the prayers of many and the world hopes for his safety.