Tuesday, September 29, 2009


In Karl Fighs's video "Vision of 2020" it gave a futuristics scenario on the growth of education and technologies in an intertwining line. The video was very different from his last one "Did you know" because it was voice edited and it gave fictional info instead of facts. One of the things I thought was very cool was the way technology molded its self into the learning system, by the end of the video computers and there programs had almost made traditional learning obsolete. When the video talked about solar panels and futuristic cars it shocked me by how real it sounded  and how it played into education yet again. This video really gave me a new perspective on how technology is saving us.


In the article, "Water on the moon," by NASA it described the possibilities of having lunar stations because scientists may be able to harvest water from the lunar surface. The article suggested there could be water on the moon brought from asteroids! This really surprised me because I have never heard of asteroids carrying anything other than rocks. Another theory is that solar winds may bring chemicals to create hydrogen; all the astronauts would have to do then is combine that with oxygen to create H2O or water. I think the possibilities are endless of what we can do on the moon if there is water readily available, but I'm not the only one who thinks that, NASA has invested a quarter million dollars into this research! Water on the moon was a pretty cool thing to imagine, and now it may be a reality.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I watched many videos about green technology and the automotive industry. One of the most fascinating videos was about an all-electric motorcycle built and owned by a well known Harley motorcyclist; its estimated value was $1,000,000 and it sure looked cool. Some of the green technologies featured in the videos were interior biodegradable materials and a special type of paint that was almost 100% water. What I really enjoyed in those videos was the huge effort everyone was making to help our planet. I have often felt alone in my efforts to be 'green' and that no one seemed to care. I think that in the future energy will come from clean, renewable sources including solar and wind. Someday I really hope to be able to contribute to this effort.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


In Michel Wecsh's video "Vision for students today"  it showed how collage students today are starting to fail or are in massive debt. This was because of reasons like to much time on face book or very expensive lap tops but all these reasons had one thing in comen they were all related to technology in some way shape or form. What this all means is that the need for technology is growing more rapidly than we thought

game update

Yesterday the boys' freshsoph soccer team whupped Cherokee 5 to 2. I had two assists that led to the first two goals, however the game really heated up when Cherokee scored two goals to tie the game. At that point, our team, the Warriors, put on their game faces and smashed their way to victory with three unanswered goals. One of my teammates, Anthony, had an amazing leftfooted goal that bounced of the right post into the goal. The game was really fun and the Warriors kicked @##.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

gender blog redone

In the article,"Women raising the bar at colleges," it gave facts about how women are doing way better in college than guys. This article was written from a sexist viewpoint because it gave only one side of the story that is, the reasons girls in general were doing better and the reason guys in general were doing poorly. If I could rewrite this article, I would also talk about why individual girls were doing poorly and individual guys were doing well. This might shed better light on the general reasons stated in the article's thesis. I would make it sound less sexist and give multiple points from multiple sources. Overall this article could have used some refining and a new point of view.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Last week our class read "The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Connell.  This was a really great story that I thought was even movie-worthy.  One of the reasons I thought this was a great story was because of the constant action entangled in the plot.  The overall premise of a man who hunted other men for sport was entertaining and exciting and kept me on edge to the very end.  I think this story could make a very good movie appealing to all action-movie lovers.  It could be filmed on a remote Caribbean island with some big name stars just like the 1932 version only this time it would be in color!  All in all, I really enjoyed this short story and hope we can read more stories like it.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


This year I was the new kid coming into high school and I really didn't know what to expect. I was at a new school, out-of-district, and I really didn't know anybody. But so far this year has been great because I'm not the new kid any more and I have made lots of friends. How I did this so quickly was simply getting involved. When you are the new kid, you tend to build barriers and stick to yourself. What helped me get around those walls was soccer. When tryouts began for soccer, I had made a few friends but not enough; as tryouts went on I built strong bonds with my whole team. Outside of tryouts my friends were my teammates and I expanded from there. It didn't take long to start meeting new people with the help of my team. For incoming freshmen next year my only advice is to get involved!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

In the short story "The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Conell it told the story of a hunter becoming the hunted ,after falling of his ship and finding a mysterious island with the great general zarnoff hunting hi for amusement.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

In the article, "The New Literacy, " by Clive Thompson, he talks about how technology is helping our society.  The main topic of the article was how the Internet is making our generation more literate, not less literate as many (older) people assume.  Basically, the author maintains that just going on the Internet to different Web sites and reading plus using social networking sites such as FaceBook, where people interact and correspond through words, gives people more exposure to literacy than in pre-Internet days.  The only drawback to things like texting and Twitter is that you "aint" learn how to spell "rite."

Monday, September 7, 2009


In the video "machines are using us " it gave fast info about the raped progress of the Internet and how its increasing our communication. How ever, it was confusing because it did not talk about how the machines are using us. The only thing that mattered in the video was the info about the future of communication further more it gave confusing range of words at a high speed pace leaving a reader baffled and confused.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What matters miles


What matter s to me are my friends, my family, and soccer, these are some of the most important things in my life right now. 


Friend’s mater to me a lot, and they play a big role in my life. Coming to a new school out of district I really didn’t know any body but as more and more people started reaching out to me the school seemed less big and less lonely. Now I have a good group of friends and we are all hanging out all the time and i'm still making new friends all over the place.


Another thing that matters to me is family. My family is my mom, my dad, and my sister they matter to me because they watch over me and all that other family stuff. My little sister has always got my back and has helped me through some tuff times and im sure that I matter to her as much as she matters to me. My family will always matter to me and lead me on the right path to success.


One of the things that matter to me on a more unique scale is soccer. When I began playing soccer at the age of 4 I had no idea that it would take me through so many things in my life. By the time I could start making my own decisions about things like what to where I was 13 and had lodes of experience with the game by then and I had made many friends along the way. In high school this year my first friends at the school I met at soccer, but soccer to me isn’t just about the friends it’s also about the love of the game.


All these things play a big role in my life and they matter to me the most.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Parker Engel's blog on the gender article had an explosive start and a strong finish, making his point without giving away any personal opinions.  Parker and I shared a common thesis - that the gender article was sexist.  One thing I would have changed however was the frequent use of the word "and" in the middle of the blog.  This was somewhat distracting to the reader.  His topic drifted a little bit but other than that it was a stellar article and I thought he did a good job. 


In the article "Women raising the bar in collages" by Tamar Lewin, it talked about how women are doing better in school in general compared to the average guy. this article was written in a sexist tone against guys because half the article was about the reasons that guys get worse grades than girls . (quote) 'guys spend more time socializing than studying" many guys spend time socializing with girls their are two genders socializing here not just guys.