Sunday, November 22, 2009


In the article, Astronaut on space shuttle Atlantis becomes a father, found at, from the BBC, it described U.S. Astronaut Randolph Bresnik who recently became a father during his space voyage last Sunday. He is due to return in a few days to meet his newly born daughter Abigail, his three-year-old adopted son from Ukraine, and his wife, Rebecca. Readers might wonder what's it like to have a daughter while in space and how he felt when he heard the news. They might also wonder how his wife felt having a baby while her husband was so very far away. Everyone surely wishes Randolph Bresnik a safe journey and a very happy return home.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


In the article, $849 billion health bill sets up historic debate, found at, by David Espo of The Guardian, he describes the new health care bill just unveiled in the U.S. Senate, its intricate workings and politics. Two of the key features of the bill is that it will extend coverage to 94% of eligible Americans and it would disallow insurance companies the ability to deny coverage to people with diagnosed medical problems. President Barack Obama has said that reforming the health care system is his number one domestic priority and this bill gets him one step closer in his journey of a thousand miles. The bill would require most Americans to have health insurance and it would help pay for this insurance for those who cannot afford it. However the bill will need 60 votes to even make it open for debate by the full Senate. This vote will be tight. Each of the 58 Democratic senators and the two Independent senators will need to stick together in order to get this bill passed. There is slim to no hope for Republican support. The proposed Senate bill and the House-passed bill share many key features but there are also many differences particularly in the financing. The fate of this bill is still cloudy but many Americans believe it must be passed.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


In the article Energy issues at EU-Russia summit, found at , from the Himalayan Times, it describes the EU - Russian summit currently underway in Stockholm. The major issue to be discussed at the summit is energy. Europe would like to avoid what happened in 2008 when Russia cut off oil to multiple European nations for two weeks because of a price and pay dispute with Ukraine, the country through which the Russian oil transits. This caused major problems in the EU which receives about a quarter of its gas supply from Russia. A progressive leap forward on this issue happened Monday when Russia and the EU signed an energy early warning agreement that will help them avoid future abrupt disruptions of the gas supply. Russia and Ukraine however still must work out a peaceful agreement. Energy issues are not the only problems Russia and the EU are facing. Another sensitive topic at the summit is human rights because Sweden plans to press Russia over this issue. In summary, Europe is not the only region dependent on foreign energy supplies. The world needs to develop cheap, renewable energy sources to avoid future conflicts.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


In the article U.S., China vow action on climate change, found at from CNN, today's announcement on a climate change agreement between China and the USA created quite a stir. The article stated that, "Chinese President Hu Jintao and President Obama said their nations will cooperate to advance technologies and work toward a global agreement on reducing carbon emissions." This is a matter of great importance to the planet because for the first time, two of the great nations of the world are coming together to tackle climate change. China and the U.S are leading producers of carbon pollution in the world and it makes sense that they are stepping up to the challenge of climate change; but two is not enough, the whole world must participate before substantial progress can be made. Most importantly, this agreement comes in advance of next month's United Nation's conference on global climate change to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark. The message that Obama and Hu Jintao are trying to send to the other nations of the world is that if the US and China can make progress on climate change, so can the rest of the world. Time will tell if this measure by China and the US can rally the world to reach a pact on cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

After reading Put forth our best writing by Dougless Hesse I was informed yet again of our modern growth and the literacy it has bestowed upon the 21st century and how some are misusing it by misspelling and abbreviating while others use it to their advantage. My belief is that the English language is being rewritten by our technologically advanced generations. Some call it defacing the English language others call it writing our own paths. In my honest opinion our writing will come down to grades so nothing will change except for the fact we are writing more.


After reading articles about soccer in America I noticed the considerable growth it has had in the last 50 years. While America was still secluded way back when it was cut off from the worlds affairs and culture, so while soccer got big over in Europe foot ball and base ball got big in America. Over the years though America came to recognize the love of soccer around and realized that they were behind schedule. The boys were trained and the rules were taught and America had a team with leagues springing up all across the country, from what started as a slow sport has now changed into world wide competition between country's to challenge there athletic ability at the sport of soccer. Even though America hasn't put soccer as their number 1 sport it is still climbing in the number of players and love for the game.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


while reading articles about who is going to be the next world super power I discovered that the most possible country to become the next world super power is china is this a good thing or a bad thing? I believe that this is a good thing because when ever your the super power that makes you the worlds police, you have to help everyone and you have to baby sit all the low tech country's. When and if China becomes the next world super power they are going to share the responsibility's of the U.S that means less troops over seas, more money, redirection of funding towards Eco friendly machinery, etc... The great thing about not being the world's super power is that you aren't targeted by terrorists or other outside threats threats. Over all not being the world super power is probably a good thing and wot greatly affect us in the future.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


After reading countless blogs about the modern world and all the interesting news, I realized that everyone has a voice in this world and Mrs. Smith is teaching us how to hear other voices and express our own. In a democracy you have to be able to know what your own opinion is after gathering info from a variety of sources because you have to vote on both people and issues. Many jobs will require you to listen critically, comprehend, and express an opinion. The skills we are learning through the Pln's are the fundamental building blocks for future success.