Wednesday, November 18, 2009


In the article Energy issues at EU-Russia summit, found at , from the Himalayan Times, it describes the EU - Russian summit currently underway in Stockholm. The major issue to be discussed at the summit is energy. Europe would like to avoid what happened in 2008 when Russia cut off oil to multiple European nations for two weeks because of a price and pay dispute with Ukraine, the country through which the Russian oil transits. This caused major problems in the EU which receives about a quarter of its gas supply from Russia. A progressive leap forward on this issue happened Monday when Russia and the EU signed an energy early warning agreement that will help them avoid future abrupt disruptions of the gas supply. Russia and Ukraine however still must work out a peaceful agreement. Energy issues are not the only problems Russia and the EU are facing. Another sensitive topic at the summit is human rights because Sweden plans to press Russia over this issue. In summary, Europe is not the only region dependent on foreign energy supplies. The world needs to develop cheap, renewable energy sources to avoid future conflicts.

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