Monday, May 10, 2010

gender blog re redone

In the article,"Women raising the bar at colleges," it states that many women are doing increasingly better than men in colleges across the United States. In my opinion, this article was written from a sexist point of view because it gave only one side of the story. The reason all women are doing better than men is because the majority of them spend more time studying and they get more sleep. Men, on the other hand party all night and don't receive the required sleep based on the national average. Plus, they spend their days socializing and hanging out with friends. If I wrote this article, I would keep this point, however I would talk about why individual girls were doing better than the individual guys. This might shed better light on the general reasons stated in the article's point of view. I would make it sound less sexist and give multiple opinions from multiple sources. Overall this article could have used some refining and a different point of view.

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