Wednesday, April 7, 2010


While watching the newsreel, "Policy limits role of nuclear arsenal," reported by CNN, the reel told about how the U.S has pledged to cut nuclear warhead research and stunt the usage of nuclear weapons "if necessary" to an all time low. In the words of CNN reporters, " The U.S is finally catching up with history," regarding the fresh look the administration is taking at our nuclear policy and the overall need for nuclear weapons long after the end of the cold war. However, what does this mean for the world? Many people have spoken out to say that this is a step toward peace on earth, while others say that this public statement by President Obama is making the U.S look weak and that the decision should be reconsidered. As far as education goes, there will be no more need for the "hide-under-your-desk-to-avoid-nuclear-fallout drill". Although there is much controversy, the decision still remains. Could it be we will ever completely realize a nuclear-free world?

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