Thursday, April 1, 2010

pln 19

In the article US Navy frigate captures 5 pirates near Seychelles, published by AP or Associated Press, it decribed the increase of pirate activity over the last year in Simiolia after this recent oil tanker was captured. The Somilie Pirates have captured more than 50 ships off their coast alone but over this year there has been 306 pirate attacks compared to the year 2008 with 293 attacks this is a substantial increase. On tuesday a small band of pirats opened fire on a ship at night, however this simingly harmless ship was actully the U.S war ship the USS Nicholas, the pirats were easly delt with and detained, through further search the Nicholas later found the pirats mother ship. But What does the future of shipping hold for the world with this old threat come back to haunt us. Will our generations in the future look back at this time of piracy in text booksand make movies about it like the popular movie "Pirats of the Caribian". For now we wait and try our best to keep the ocean safe.

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