Wednesday, February 3, 2010


In the article "Pakistani Taliban Declines to Prove Leader Survived U.S. Drone Strike," found at, by ABC News, it describes another tear that has fallen in the war in the Middle East. The other day U.S. drones (unmanned aircraft being remotely controlled) were suspected of killing Taliban leader, Hakimullah Mehsud, on a revenge mission. The drones were supposedly sent in to take revenge for a recent suicide bomber that the Taliban ordered which killed five CIA officers and two Defense Department contractors. If this is true, this is not the American way - to take such brutal revenge. This attack was considered the largest one since the drone program was started. A handful of drones launched a barrage of more than a dozen missiles into North Waziristan, and, according to a local resident, more than 12 people died. This tit-for-tat warfare is madness. If we take these deaths as acceptable losses then we are acceptably mad.

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