Monday, February 15, 2010


The nuclear bomb has been the ultimate weapon of mass destruction since it was created in 1945. From the beginning of the nuclear age there has always been a threat of nuclear annihilation; during the cold war in 1965 this threat was even more likely than it is today. Is the capability of making a nuclear threat or detonating a nuclear bomb worth the risk of so many lives and the life of the planet? When a nuclear bomb is detonated, it causes mass collateral damage to the environment; it destroys all life including terrain, habitat, and of course, humans. So now it's the North Koreans who threaten the world with nuclear weapons. In the article, "North Korea 'not eager' to restart nuke talks," the North Koreans are described as very hesitant to let go of their nuclear power. Stubbornness like this will only spell disaster for society. If those who would threaten with nuclear weapons could only see that life is a miracle and that everyone is equal then there would be no need for nuclear bombs. The article, "North Korea 'not eager' to restart nuke talks," was found at and reported by CNN.

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