Thursday, February 11, 2010


In the article, "Tigers on verge of extinction in the wild, World Wildlife Fund warns," found at, reported by CNN, the article described how the fate of the world's wild tigers is in our hands and that we are at the eve of their extinction. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) said, "There is a real threat of losing this magnificent animal forever in our lifetime." Tigers are magnificent creatures and have been around as long as humans; we are foolish to think we are greater than all of gods creatures and can destroy them at will. WWF is doing all it can to stop the poaching, habitat loss, trafficking, and medicinal use of tigers - things that have brought them to this dire point in time. As one WWF expert put it, "Unless we really crack down on illegal trade and poachers, tigers in the wild have very little chance." It would be a true tragedy if wild tigers disappeared forever.

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