Wednesday, March 3, 2010


In the article, "Soldier sues, says 'Hurt Locker' is his story," reported by CNN,
it describes how the Oscar nominated movie, "The Hurt Locker," was based on the life of Master Sgt. Jeffrey Sarver who is now suing several people associated with the film for using his life story without his consent. "Mark Boal -- a journalist embedded with Sarver's Army unit in Iraq -- based the film's main character on Sarver's life" says CNN. However, this hardened EOD specialist just wants to be recognized and rewarded for this movies' success. The world has rated this movie as one of the best war stories since "Saving Pvt. Ryan" however, the world fails to recognize the people who get their hands dirty doing this dangerous job every day. For the eyes of many this story shows exactly what it is like to serve in the United states military as a bomb difusal officer, it provides a great insight and education into the horrors our troops go through every day in war. Summit Entertainment indicated it wanted a "quick resolution" of Sarver's claims, but in my view I see this argument drawing out into another war this marine has to worry about. Sarver's lawyers can be counted on to persist with the support of all servicemen.

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