Tuesday, March 2, 2010


In the article "Para who lost three limbs in Afghanistan bomb vows to return to sniper job" found at http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php?175295-Para-who-lost-three-limbs-in-Afghanistan-bomb-vows-to-return-to-sniper-job , the article described the heart of hero Lance Corporal Tom Neathway of Whales. Even after loosing both legs and an arm to a bomb or (IED) in Afghanistan he still Perseus his military ambitions as a sniper, "You only need one hand to fire the sniper rifle so I cannot see there is anything to stop me." he said after refusing job opportunity's at a boot camp in northern whales. This devoted corporals only one of two service men to loose three limbs while serving in Afghanistan. this soldiers life rests in the prayers of many and the world hopes for his safety.

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